Wicks is an X Server for Microsoft Windows.


13 June 2003:Initial release (0.1) of Wicks. This release is to gauge interest in Wicks and to find out if other people are interested in helping with the development of Wicks.

Screen shot


Only about half of the X requests have been implemented and some of those only partially. Byte swapping is not done. Big requests is the only extension which has been implemented. The server is single threaded. The font mapping support is ugly. Etc. It is an initial alpha release after all.

Xterm works. Xemacs 21.4 works. Mozilla 1.0 works. Gimp 1.2.3 works.


Wicks works on Windows 2000. It should work on other versions of Windows, but it has not been tested. Expand the contents of or to a directory and run wicks.exe.

Wicks is being developed using Visual C++ 6.0 and the Platform SDK. Later versions of Visual C++ should work as well. Running nmake in wicks\win32 will build everything. Download to get the source code.


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